4th Grade

Hello!  My name is Tammy Kester, and I am the 4th grade teacher at CCA.  This is my 12th year here.  While I am not from Keenesburg, and I drive an hour to CCA each day, I consider it my home.  I love this community and its people.

I am passionate about learning and about my students.  I know that everyone learns differently, and my goal is to find the best path to learning for each kiddo that enters my classroom.  I strive to provide a caring, fun environment so that students look forward to learning every day.

This year, my classroom has flexible seating.  Flexible seating means that there are no traditional desks.  Students are able to choose what kind of learning space works best for them.  It helps students to work collaboratively, to communicate with each other, and to take ownership for their own learning.  I find students work better together as well as individually in this type of environment.

Ultimately, what works for my students, works for me!  We try new things, and we learn together each and every day!


Year Long Plan
Salt dough recipe

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