Middle School Reading and Writing

Hello, my name is Jody Auer.  To know me is to know that I am an avid reader, writer, and outdoor enthusiast. Many of my outdoor adventures occur on our farm in Keenesburg, CO and include my husband, two adult children and youngest daughter who is in middle school. I love to learn new things and exercise outdoors! With this, my summer involved the irrigation of our sunflower fields with the help of a high school aged worker. Somehow, the character key of​ flexibility continues to present me with opportunities to practice it like when we had busted a 20-foot PCP water pipe, had a flat tire, and covered a truck tire in three feet of mud. Through it all, I learned to change a tractor tire, redirect 1.5 cubic feet of water flow, attach the Masey to the front end of a full-size truck to free it, and tenderly care for young parched plants. This year, I am looking forward to sharing the outdoor education experience with sixth grade students in May. There is no better way to learn about ecosystems, water ecology, mountain formation, and teamwork than to have an outdoor classroom! Imagine this – we get to hike at night, in the snow/rain, or sunny mountain elevation. I look forward to another fun and surprising year to share the love of reading and writing with sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students at CCA.


Language Arts Yearlong Plan 2017-2018

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