7th Grade Math

Mrs. PowersHello!  My name is Stacie Powers and I am the 7th Grade Math Teacher here at CCA.

While my background didn't begin in math, I have always loved numbers and solving problems.  I bring to the classroom a unique perspective on how math and numbers play into our daily lives.  My career began in the corporate business world, working with businesses to build their companies, launch new divisions and provide a full spectrum of marketing channels for their sales teams to venture into.  With each new adventure, that I helped drive, we always utilized math.  Yes, I am one person who can truly say that I have used my algebra, calculus and geometry classes beyond the classroom!

I am married to one amazing gentleman and we have three amazing children (yes, I might be a little biased).  As my time with my family brought me home from the corporate world - I began to spend time in my children's classrooms, which soon lead me to substitute teaching.  Spending time in the classroom has become my passion!  I love working along side the students and seeing them succeed!  I have a calling to work with each student, to understand what drives them, and to see how I can help them become more!

This year we will be focusing on some pretty challenging math tasks - but nothing our students cannot handle.  I believe in the Power of "Yet"...  we may not have it today, not yet, but we will keep trying and we will work to succeed!Math Teachers

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November, 2020


What wonderful weather we are having. I enjoy fall weather that provides cooler mornings and evenings, with sunshine in between.

7th grade math

This month we will continue practicing how to add, subtract, multiply and divide integers.  We will also finish up our first geometry unit, while continuing to promote our knowledge of angles and angle measurements. Our next unit involves angle measurements, learning about transversals and applying our knowledge of angles to find unknown measurements.

The last few weeks, we have been working in the classroom to learn how to check our own work for common mistakes and how to address those mistakes.  If your student reported that we were not verifying their answers, this is true.  Mr. Hopp and I are looking at the steps they are using to find their answers and for any mistakes they may be missing.  Our goal is to teach them to be able to identify any mistakes they are missing and make corrections as necessary - this is to aid their math growth.

I would like to keep the students from having too much stress about homework at home, please have your students work to complete any problems, not completed in class, during the evenings.  If this is taking them more than 20 to 30 minutes, please reach out to discuss this with me, so that we can make arrangements suitable for your student.

Math intervention, we have been practicing our multiplication tables, increasing their answer speed and accuracy.  We have also been working with fractions, helping the students to add, subtract, multiply and divide.  Math is a sport, it requires practice, and these students are doing a fantastic job.  Students are also working with their individual needs using an online math program called Moby Max - this program is designed to meet their specific needs.

I am checking in with each student and helping them with their work from their specific math class.  Mrs. Eisenmann and I touch base often and she keeps me apprised of any struggles she sees the math intervention students having in her math class.  Please encourage your student(s) to bring their math questions to math intervention, I am here to help support them and to see them succeed.  We can also work on math redo’s, review for tests, etc…

As always, please reach out with any celebrations, questions or concerns that you may have.  I am at the school Tuesday through Friday, noon to 4pm.  My email is: staciepowers@re3j.com

Autumn wishes!

Mrs. Powers


Stacie Powers


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