Mrs. Johnson

Mrs. Johnson
Science!  Science at the middle school level is a ton of fun as students learn about our world through labs, activities, and knowledge.  We go beyond the surface with every topic and connect it to our daily lives.  Both science labs and STEM activities are incorporated into CCA's science program.  We also extend our learning out of the classroom on science based field trips.  I have been teaching science at CCA since 2008 and love building positive relationships with my students.  In addition to science, I have a passion for theatre and music.  You will see me teaching middle school music and directing CCA's drama club, too.  Both science and the arts have such a huge impact on the world around us; I feel blessed to work at a school where I can teach both.  Thank you CCA!

Sand Dunes TripSand Dunes Trip  Sand Dunes Trip

Sand Dunes Trip

Welcome to the 2022-23 School Year! 

Our Recent Units

6th Grade Science

Past Unit: Vertebrates
Current Unit: Human Body: Skeletal, Circulatory, Lymph Systems
Next Unit: Stars & Galaxies

7th Grade Science
Past Unit: Rocks & Minerals
Current Unit: Human Body- Skin, Muscles, & Immune System
Next Unit: Electricity & Magnetism

8th Grade Science
Past Unit: Chemical Bonds & Reactions
Current Unit: Light & Sound
Next Unit: Ocean Biodiversity

8th: Lego EV3 Robots, Ozobots, Video Editing
7th: Model Building, Digital Design, Video Editing
6th: Mechanics & Structures, Digital Animation