Middle School Music & Band

Mrs. JohnsonMusic has been a part of my life for as long as I remember.  My parents instilled a love for performing music right from the get go.  We would sing as a family for our church on a regular basis.  Soon I was taking piano lessons, playing clarinet, singing in choir, and doing color guard in marching band.  I loved music through high school and college, as my music rehearsals gave me a break from other school subjects.  It served as a way to express myself and process life's challenges and joys.  There is no question that students today thrive on music.  With digital technology today they are able to access music from across the generations.  My goal with teaching music is to inspire students to connect with the mechanics and purpose of music.  They will learn how to read music, not just listen to it.  We will try to use music to bring some joy and reflection to middle school life.  Music is still a big part of my life outside of the classroom in a local choir and my church.  I am blessed to share the love of music with CCA students!

Music Mural
Class Options

Middle School Band: This is a music class where students get to continue exploring instruments.  They learn how to read music and play instruments together.  Students in this class participate in a concert each semester.  Students practice on their parts of the music to prepare for the concerts and grow in their instrument.   

Middle School Choir: This is a music class where students sing in small groups and large groups.  There are opportunities for solos and duets in the music we work on.  Students learn how to read music through the class, and participate in a concert.  Preparation for the concert includes memorizing lyrics and practicing music as needed.  

Middle School General Music
This is a music class based on music history and appreciation.  The students will have assignments to complete on a weekly basis. There is not a performance piece to this class, but rather one of knowledge and discussion.