Mrs. Powers

Mrs. Powers
Hello!  My name is Stacie Powers and I am the 7th grade homeroom teacher here at CCA.  

I wear a few hats in our middle school team, teaching 7th grade writing and math, as well as 6th grade social studies.  I enjoy bringing my life experiences to the classroom. 

I am married to one amazing gentleman and we have three amazing children (yes, I might be a little biased).  Teaching is my second career.  As my time with my family brought me home from the corporate world - I began to spend time in my children's classrooms, which soon lead me to my teaching career.  Spending time in the classroom has become my passion!  I love working along side the students and seeing them succeed!  I have a calling to work with each student, to understand what drives them, and to see how I can help them become more!

This year we will be focusing on some pretty challenging tasks - but nothing our students cannot handle.  I believe in the Power of "Yet"...  we may not have it today, not yet, but we will keep trying and we will work to succeed!


Powers - On Point

January 2022
Hello Families!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and time spent resting. A few quick updates for our second semester..

Writing - 
We will be focusing the beginning of the semester on narrative writing, continuing to build strong paragraphs with expanded language usage.

Math - 
We will begin with finishing our unit on solving linear equations. From there we will introduce systems of linear equations. The students have been working on hard to increase their knowledge and skills with integers and rational numbers. 

If at any time you have questions, or concerns, please reach to me.

Stacie Powers

[email protected]

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