"You may not have a life in the theatre, but we all have theatre in our life."

Welcome to CCA's Drama Club!  Read below for the what, when, and why of our program.

What is the drama club?
The drama club is a place where students can grow in speaking skills, team work, empathy, and confidence.  It provides an opportunity for personal growth and connections with others, all working towards a common goal.  It encourages kids to go out of their comfort zone on their level, while sharing stories of others with an audience.

When is the drama club?
The drama club puts on two productions a year, one each semester.  Some productions are musicals, others one act productions.  

Who can participate?
4-8th grade students.  Some productions are open to the elementary groups and others are just for the middle school level.

Why does CCA invest in a drama club?
Bringing our students together in a safe manner is an important part of the middle school philosophy.  We want them to feel like they belong here.   Drama can be a way for students to explore history, literature, and social interactions in a fun and safe manner.  They laugh, they share stories, they make new friends, and they grow in their confidence to relate to others.  Our goal is to provide a service of laughter, bring the community together, and explore our world through script.  This helps us understand who and what is, or has been around us, and how we can show kindness and understanding in our actions and words.  

Can students who do sports also participate in drama?
Yes!  Drama is a club that benefits all varieties of students.  The skills and confidence they gain is different than in athletics.   Both athletics and the arts are a blessing and huge benefit to our students!  We encourage and welcome students to participate in both at the K-8 level.